About Savannah
On July 20th, 2017. Savannah Leckie was reported missing in Longrun, Missouri. Her biological mother Rebecca Ruud claimed that she had ran away from home. This site was originally created to aid in distribution of missing person flyers being placed in several cities.
By Mid- August, Rebecca Ruud was placed under arrest after burned remains were discovered on her property that forensic scientists  proved were Savannah. 
This site is meant to not only explain the events that led to Savannahs death, but tell what her her life was like as well. 
There are no copyright laws imposed on this site. This information is free to distribute, and has been presented factually as much as possible.

The purpose of this site is to set an example of how people have allowed abuse and neglect to continue. This site is not partial to any one person involved in Savannahs life, nor does it protect anyone that is responsible for her neglect and abuse. 

Savannah's Life - Shows a timeline of events in Savannahs life.

Timeline - Explains the past history and present state of the primary people responsible for Savannah being sent to Missouri in 2017 and murdered by Rebecca Ruud.
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